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Innovation is in our DNA. Department of Defense contract requirements or for military use. Test results are not a guarantee of future performance under these test conditions. HP Sure View integrated privacy screen is an optional feature that must be configured at purchase and functions in landscape orientation. Based on currently available, in-market mobile workstations, as of January 25, having physically embedded, hardware-based privacy screen.

Available on select HP Mobile Workstations only. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services.

Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Clear search box. Z by HP. Follow Us. Need access to graphics-intensive applications at home? Free day trial. Find the best device for your workflow. Backed byhours of testing, every Z component — down to the screws — is put to the test.

Same processor and graphics card? That doesn't mean it's performing the same. Evolve your work. Evolve your rig. With tool-less access, you can customize your Z to fit your needs.

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HP Z400 Quickspecs

See your browser's documentation for specific instructions. HP Customer Support. Select your model. How does HP install software and gather data? Are you working from home? Product features. Power supply description. EUP compliance mode. Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

HP Cool Tools. Ensuring proper ventilation. Physical specifications.

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Environmental specifications.The HP Z is the company's baseline single-socket workstation in the Z series. Above it are the Z dual-processor workstation and the top-of-the-line Z The Z and Z use Intel'swhich is necessary to support dual-socket configurations. They're reasonably attractive insofar as professional enclosures go and essentially tooless cases. Levers and tabs retain most components, and the hard drives are held in by a pull-tab with rubber grommet-lined screws in the sides of each drive.

These screws are the only parts requiring a tool when it comes to switching out components. The systems are all designed for front-to-back airflow, and only the Gen 1 Z which is used for this review is not shrouded to direct airflow inside the case.

The fans on this machine were only slightly audible when the machine was under full load, though you can manually add quite a bit of fan noise by going into the BIOS and configuring the cooling subsystem for maximum duty cycle. Current page: HP's Z Workstation. Image 1 of 2. Image 2 of 2. See all comments So JF was right to say that HT should be disabled in some scenarios.

I don't actualy know if any of them supports both APIs. Some of the other models have dual x16 slots As for whether HT should be disabled? Still questionable. If you're doing animation, and have HT off, you'll gain some interactivity when working, but as soon as you need a test render you'll be losing time. If your 3D application does multithreaded interactiivty tasks, then you're better off with HT on- for instance, the VPR interactive shading mode in Lightwave Its largely dependent on how your software responds to what, and hopefully we'll have more answers on that with the next workstation we look at.

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hp z400 specs

The HP Z workstation belies its entry-level price with performance that meets or beats that of its four- and eight-core predecessors. It does share the Nehalem-based performance, however, and on certain applications, the Z produced impressive results compared to both previous Xeon generations and the dual-processor Z See my review of the HP Z Briefly, Nehalem is a new CPU technology from Intel that bolsters data throughput to and from system memory and improves core-processing performance.

The Z HP provided for my testing came configured with a 3. Though the positioning of the three Nehalem-based systems seems pretty clear good, better, bestchoosing between the Z and Z is more complicated than you might expect. The Z has two sockets and uses the Intel Xeon series, which peaks at 3. But because of power limitations, the Z can only accept CPUs up to 2.

For the comparison, this means that the fastest single-CPU Z will be about 10 percent slower than the fastest Z 2. While the Z can accept more RAM than the Z, the maximum of 16GB should be fine for most digital-content-creation DCC applications, though the extra 8GB the Z can handle could come in handy for data visualization and other large-data-set applications. As mentioned above, HP continues to offer the quad-core xw, which is based on the older Xeon technology. The benchmark results below include tests performed with a 3.

Given that the xw costs more, the only reason to purchase this unit would be if you previously standardized on the configuration and need to complete a bulk purchase.

In all other instances, go with the Z Review: HP Z The HP xw workstation, configured with the new 3. There are several factors to consider when choosing a CPU for the Z First, you can buy dual- or quad-core configurations, as shown in the technical specifications list. Note that the dual-core configurations do not include either HTT or Turbo mode. Not only are the quad-core configurations faster, HTT doubles the number of cores—which, in some applications, should really pay dividends.

Also note that the fastest CPU, the 3.

Review: HP Z400

If you drop down to the W, not only do you lose about 10 percent in CPU speed, you also use slower memory and have slower transfer to and from other system components.Also See for Z Maintenance and service manual - pages Quickspecs - 54 pages Function manual - 10 pages.

Page of 62 Go. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Hewlett-packard personal computer quickspecs 54 pages. Hardware support matrix for current hp linux workstations 23 pages.

Hp workstations - cru dataport dx kit installation 22 pages. Hardware support matrix for hp linux workstations 20 pages. Hp worldwide limited warranty and technical support 16 pages. Lsi megaraid sas elp host bus adapter 13 pages. Power Button 3. Page 5: Supported Components 6. Intel's numbering is not a measurement of higher performance.

Supports both 32 and 64 bit versions of They are NOT interchangeable. Page 14 4 USB 2. Page 21 The primary information requirement, which is also the one that provides the greatest insight into potential system issues, is the configuration of the system. HP Vision Diagnostics helps provide higher system availability. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. Service starts from date of hardware purchase.

Page 28 Offerings are built on the foundation of a carefully chosen set of hardware and software designed and tested to work with all HP Z Workstation platforms through their end of life. These components and their corresponding HP Workstation platform compatibility are outlined in this section. Page 33 Full Stroke 6. Native support is provided by the operating system.However it should work just fine, even better than on W7. Usually the best result can be achieved by combining methods below.

We have multiple Z and Z workstations now running very well on Windows 10 Pro bit. Assuming you have a properly licensed W7Pro64 install you can upgrade, still, from that to W10Pro This is not well documented, but it is a gift from Microsoft that continues to work. I have already done a full tuneup of the W7Pro64 install before this.

I don't choose to save any of the old programs or data because I've already captured an image of that tuned build with Acronis. Then I run the W10 upgrader by launching that. Once the W10 upgrade has been done the UUID of that computer is registered forever with MS, and you thereafter can do a clean W10 build from scratch, with all the fine tuning you wish. Usually I just reload my W7Pro64 build at this point, however, because we have not transitioned to W10 fully. We use the version 2 of the ZX00s I'm guessing the process would work equally well on the earlier v1 version of these workstations.

You can load W7 on one and W10 on the other. Then from BIOS you can choose your boot drive and easily switch between the two. If you happen to get a version with old firmware the Intel Toolbox software can upgrade it to the latest for you.

hp z400 specs

Personally I'm liking W10Pro64 more and more, and we use W7Pro64 in our work environment still so day in and day out I get to see and feel the differences W10 is faster and a more sophisticated OS, as you would expect, but W7Pro64 still is my favorite. Not sure how to do a new install of Win 10 on HPZ I have installed a new Nvidia P as there was no internal graphics card. How the heck do you get to the setup page? I'll add in a bit here PS2 is more primative than using USB devices for these interfaces, and it gives me control when USB may not yet be properly installed and functioning under W You can find these for a very reasonable cost via eBay, even new.

I update and optimize my W7Pro64 build to the most recent drivers and settings first I do a full shutdown and cold boot at the end. Then using the same path I shift over to the Tools tab and choose Error Checking at the top and check both boxes there This can take some time. Key point I don't boot into the USB key. This way works for both upgrading atop a W7 build, or to choose to save nothing and get a fully clean install.

HP Z400 Workstation - Memory

There is an art to fully optimizing a W10 build, and that takes some time and reading to parse out.Recently I was in the business of replacing one of my machines at home all running Linux by the wayand while I had initially considered simply replacing parts at first, I became aware through various channels of the availability of good and cheap HP workstations on the market these days. No surprise since HP is one of the worldwide PC leading manufacturers, pushing high volumes in many markets.

Xeons are not consumer grade chips, they are their corporate equivalents. They come with at least 4 cores and have a lot more cache than their i- little brothers. And more importantly, they are also capable of hyper-threading. You can compare for example the Xeon w with the i7 kand you will find that:.

In multicore benchmarks they are not that far from each other all things considered. But the most important thing is the cost.

hp z400 specs

Such an i7 costs more than dollars for the processor alone, while you can get for this kind of price the whole HP Z workstation with tons of RAM. Much better than the default Intel fan I had up until now in my previous desktop.

You can add to it a cheap graphics card, such as the GTXTi for dollars newwhile I opted for a GTX 3GB, that you can get for dollars new — the difference of 50 dollars is totally worth it in this particular case. On Linux, with that configuration, I can get F1 run at high settings in p at constant 60 fps, and even more demanding games like Tomb Raider get about 72 fps on average in high settings in the benchmarking mode.

All in all, a very good option for gamers thinking about renewing their gaming configuration without spending too much. At BoilingSteam, we want you to browse our content free from ads and trackers. But keeping this website alive is a constant investment. Why don't you support what we do with donations on LiberaPay? Everything you contribute is re-invested in infrastructure and ongoing content to better serve the Linux Gaming community now and for future, bringing the good news to existing and upcoming Linux users.

You can follow what we do via our newsletterour RSS feedour Mastodon profile or our Twitter feed. Do you own any game with a benchmark mode? If i have it too we can compare our results so you can know. I have a couple of games like gta5 and hl2tlc as well as some synthetic benchmark tools like unigine superposition and cinebench. Would you like to exchange email addresses? Sorry about the delay. All of the notifications went to my Junkmail folder.

It has the Xeon W 2. Pretty sweet config. You can replace the Xeon for the W for almost nothing and you get a 6-core cores with hyperthreading that will be very good at many tasks…. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I bought one and I can attest to it being a beast. I also use a Z for gaming.

Was using an HP XW workstation before this one and was also having good results. Sure, the CPU is holding some games, like the Witcher 3, back a little. Hey I have a similar setup and had to order a specific HP upgrade for the PSU w from ali-express to get it to work with my It works great now, even 4k gaming, but a message on boot up mentiones it needs a front-fan upgrade … which you need to press f1 to bypass it.